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Today’s YouTube lab: Editor & Publishing

This is a video I created last night using YouTube’s in-browser video editor.

The good:

  • The interface is clean, and mostly intuitive.
  • Wide range of basic controls for common editing tasks.
  • includes CC licensed clips to use & experiment with.
  • includes a large CC licensed music library for use.
  • will import pictures from Google+ account, or upload from computer.
  • free


The not-so-good:

  • Processing & publishing can take up to 48 hours, depending on how long the video is (and how many clips, transitions, titles, etc., the project is using). This small video took about 6 hours to process & publish.
  • Interface is sometimes buggy, particularly with the labeling of clip times (in one click it’s 7 seconds, drag the slider ever-so-slightly and you jump up to 27 seconds).
  • You are limited to clips of under 15 minutes in length.
  • Little control over audio track.

The takeaway:

  • Awesome utility for quick & dirty on-the-fly edits
  • good go-to when other software isn’t available

Cyberbullying follow up: Steubenville Rape Trial

This story involves many of the issues we talked about in class, including cyberbullying over social media, victim blaming/shaming, reluctance to report abuse and how social media documented the whole thing. Even Anonymous got involved! These links below will orient you to the issues of the case (in chronological order).

Here are some links to check out:


We Wouldn’t Know About the Steubenville Rape Case If It Wasn’t for the Blogger Who ‘Complicated’ Things

Anonymous Outs Members of Alleged Steubenville High School ‘Rape Crew’

Anonymous Leaks Horrifying Video of Steubenville High Schoolers Joking About Raping a Teenager ‘Deader than Trayvon Martin’

Text messages key evidence in Steubenville rape trial

Instagram, YouTube-Fueled High School Rape Trial Begins Today


In Steubenville rape trial, social media call out injustice, CNN


CNN’s Steubenville Rape Coverage Draws Petition Demanding 


Two Girls Arrested for Online Threats Against Steubenville Rape