Net Neutrality

Notes here: Net Neutrality


Notes on Digital Divide

Notes: The Digital Divide (Powerpoint/YouTube/Slideshare)

Please read the previously posted readings, and preview the notes to prepare for discussion.

Readings: The Digital Divide

After we wrap our discussion on Catfish & identity on the internet, we will be exploring the issue of the Digital Divide (both global & domestic). Preview these readings to prepare for the lecture. Powerpoint notes forthcoming.

Digital Divide: Wikipedia entry

The Digital Divide Persists Despite Broadband Expansion

Compute: Education, Income still factors in digital divide

US Releases Largest Broadband Survey: Farmers Don’t Have Internet

Pew Research Center: Digital Differences

The GLOBAL Digital Divide: Wikipedia

Digital Divide Institute



Today & Thursday we are screening the film “Catfish,” which explores the fluid nature of identity on the internet and in social media. This is the same film the MTV show is based on. In the next few classes, we will be exploring several social issues that have risen in prominence due to our new digital world.

Recently, the story of Notre Dame football star Manti Te’o and the hoax surrounding his dead/non-existent online girlfriend. 

The discussion in the media, and in our culture (at large) is interesting when considering the issues surrounding identity on the internet. Some people say the man who posed as Te’o’s girlfriend had, indeed, a real emotional relationship with the football player. Some wonder how Te’o could be so naive. Some wondered how the media was going to handle correcting such a publicly reported falsity. (all these articles are sourced from Deadspin, the blog that broke the story. Feel free to read up on other links from other sources as well.)

What do you think about identity on the internet? Do you have an experience with pretending to be someone your not, or finding out someone wasn’t who you thought they were? Do you think identity is important on the internet, who or why not? What are the benefits of using the internet to explore identity? Discuss in the comments below.


Readings: Using Facebook Pages for business

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Facebook Page Insights guide

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How to Create Custom Facebook Fan Pages – Video Tutorial

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The 60+ Facebook Insights Data Definitions | Simply Measured

Facebook readings

Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Fr...

On Tuesday, we’ll be doing a lecture and discussion about Facebook. On Thursday, we’ll be going over some privacy features for Facebook personal profiles, and looking at how to set up a Page, and create a Group. I will post notes as soon as I finish writing them 🙂
Welcome to Facebook – Log In, Sign Up or Learn More

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Study: Facebook Is Your Frenemy

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(Powerpoint notes, forthcoming)