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Readings: The Digital Divide

After we wrap our discussion on Catfish & identity on the internet, we will be exploring the issue of the Digital Divide (both global & domestic). Preview these readings to prepare for the lecture. Powerpoint notes forthcoming.

Digital Divide: Wikipedia entry

The Digital Divide Persists Despite Broadband Expansion

Compute: Education, Income still factors in digital divide

US Releases Largest Broadband Survey: Farmers Don’t Have Internet

Pew Research Center: Digital Differences

The GLOBAL Digital Divide: Wikipedia

Digital Divide Institute


Diffusion of Innovations

The rate of diffusion of innovations

Ever wonder the process of how something goes from new & cool to everyone and your mom using it?

It’s called the diffusion of innovations, or the process of adoption.

Read the following:

Diffusion of Innovations by Everett Rogers

Diffusion of Innovations (Wikipedia)

Diffusion of Innovation: Customer Behavior


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